9th Dan Kobayashi Shorin Ryu Karatedo
9th Dan Zen Okinawan Kobudo


Sensei Tadashi Yamashita has dedicated over 40years of his life to the practice Okinawan Karatedo and Kobudo.  A highly respected man in all circles of the martial arts, Yamashita-Sensei is sought after for karatedo and kobudo seminars from all over the world.  He currently retains the rank of ninth degree black belt in both karatedo and kobudo.  Sensei is also the President and Director of U.S. Shorin-Ryu Karate Association, and U.S.A. President of the Zen Okinawan Kobudo Association.

Yamashita-sensei has traveled as far as South America and regularly visits Greece.  Sensei also keeps a close connection with his birthplace of Japan and Okinawa.  Not only is Yamashita-Sensei recognized as a leading aurthority in the martial arts, but his accomplishments also include his study with several notable high ranking masters.  These masters include the late Chibana Chosin of Shorin Ryu, and Shuguro Nakazato founder of the Shorin Ryu Shorin Kan.  As well as trained directly under the late Shinpo Matayoshi, founder of the Zen Okinawan Kobudo Renmei.

Well known for his explosive open hand techniques, Sensei combines many progressive fighting tactics with traditional aspects of karatedo, thus resulting in a devastating fighting system.  Sensei's dynamic fighting system known as "Suikendo," translates to, "fist flowing like water." This non stopping flowing system of fighting, allows the karateka to simultaneously block and strike his opponent with blinding speed and accuracy.

Yamashita-Sensei is also a world renowned weapons master.  During the 1973 Pro-Am Karate Tournament, Sensei brought over 7,000 spectators to their feet in a standing ovation after demonstrating his mastery and skill of ancient kobudo weaponry.

-Sensei's film credits include but are limited to the following-

AMERICAN MOVIE CREDITS  =  The Octagon, American Ninja, American Ninja 5, Rising Sun, Gymkata, Capital Punishment, Bronson Lee Champion, The Shinobi Ninja, Enter the Dragon, Judge Dee, Golden Needles, the Seven, the Magnificent Three, and Lethal Weapon 4.


TELEVISION APPEARANCES  =  Kung Fu, A Man Called Sloan, Knight Rider, Thrillseekers, ESPN Karate Demonstrations, and several Pay Per View Events.


FOREIGN MOVIE TITLES  =  The Karate, The Blind Karate Man, and Karate II.




Yamashita International Borbon Karate   Groton, Connecticut  USA